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I run the website Bits & Pieces and when I run across inspirational quotes I save them for this site. ?



You can contact me at this email address: ??[email protected]

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  1. Bite less, Chew more.
    Cry less, Laugh more.
    Talk less, Listen more.
    Drive less, Walk more.
    Think less, Feel more.
    Sit less, Dance more.
    Fight less, Hug more
    Hate less, Love more.
    Watch less, Read more.
    Yell less, Think more.
    Call less, Visit more.
    Take less, Give more.
    Fear less, Conquer more.
    Worry less, Pray more.

  2. Hello Jonco,

    Just writing in to say I love your website. I do good morning quotes Mon-Friday myself.. and I love your quotes!

    Thanks a lot.. and keep up the good work!
    Rohan 🙂

  3. Discoveored this site on Pinterest — any way I can have a daily “bit of wisdom” come to my mailbox automatically? Wonderful site!


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