621 thoughts on “Harry Potter vs. Twilight”

  1. Harry potter is glorius, twilight on other hand is just about love. Stephenie meyer is a liar because in this age kids should be taught about friendship and not about boyfriend

  2. I say, twilight might useful as…bedtime story.(lol)
    But harry potter is nearly as good as the holy bible 4those who want 2live a happy, meaningful, n realistic life.

  3. Let me put this down for you nice and slow…

    Charlie(HP): Deals with Dragons.3
    Charlie(TWILIGHT): Is a bad parent.

    Bella(HP): Is a crazy Death Eater, but still awesome
    Bella(TWILIGHT): Couldn’t find her way out of a paper bag

    Alice(HP): Still loves her son even though she has lost her mind
    Alice(TWILIGHT): Is a annoyingly preppy child-like vampire

    James(HP): Is a Marauder who can transform into a stag
    James(TWILIGHT): Is a creepy tracker

    Our Blacks(HP): A Noble and Ancient House who struggles between good and evil
    Our Blacks(TWILIGHT): Two people who think they know everything.

    Robert Pattinson(HP): Plays a nice, young Hufflepuff who was killed by Voldemort
    Robert Pattinson(TWILIGHT): Plays a sparkly vampire who lives in the woods

    Our werewolf(HP): Died trying to change the world
    Our werewolf(TWILIGHT): Fights for a girl who is taken

  4. I read a harry potter VS twilight argument where the person writing it came up with 370ish reasons why harry potter was better!

  5. If I were to read this without knowing what Harry Potter or Twilight is and I can already say I haven’t read Twilight and I already know what the plot is. Without reading any of it. If I had no idea what Harry Potter was and I read this I still would have no idea which is really good! Twilight has no plot. Harry Potter does and its amazing to have 7 books about magic and wizards. Robert Pattinson said he actually liked The Cedric Diggory role better than Edward Cullen so there Twihards!
    Frick Twilight
    Harry Potter FTW!!!!!


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